By outsourcing your company’s truck dispatching needs the stress from finding a load and completing the necessary paperwork in order to carry freight for the brokers and/or shippers becomes eliminated. If Owner-Operators truly want to run efficiently and effectively, they should never be wasting precious time searching load boards nor be bothered with filling out burdensome paperwork.
Transportation companies, depending on the size of their truck fleet, need either a single or multiple in-house Truck Dispatcher(s). At we can provide you that same service for a fraction of the cost.
Whether your company is operating only one truck or numerous trucks, the benefits of outsourcing your truck dispatching needs to will save your company’s Time and Money by lowering business expenses from maintaining full-time employee(s).

TruckDispatch disposes highly experienced logistic specialists, native speakers of Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Lithuanian.

We offer Capacity and Speed in the outsourced center with 200 employees in 6 to 8 months.

We guarantee professional handling of every stage of transporting

We are available 24/7 (also holidays)

We use advanced IT technologies with real time detailed reporting capabilities


Kristina Judine
Kristina JudineMember of the board, Business process implementation & assurance, finance control.
Completed D. Sc in economics studies. She has experience in business strategy, M&A, finance leadership, assurance and business advisory (Arthur Andersen, E&Y, Toensmeier, etc. ). Kristina is founder and the co–owner of the first private physical medicine and rehabilitation clinic in Lithuania with more than 200 beds,
Algirdas Jotautas
Algirdas JotautasMember of the board, Business process implementation and assurance, legal advisory and control.
Completed Business Law studies at the Linköpings Universitet in Sweden. Has started and running a telemedicine outsourcing bussiness from Baltic countries towards the Scandinavian countries. Has earlier developed and sold the private medical rehabilitation hospital with 200 beds in Vilnius,
Algirdas has earlier working experience of legal consulting at private law firms, international trade as well as entrepreneurship in HoReCa and RED sectors.
Ala Saronova
Ala SaronovaMember of the Board, Operations Manager
Logistics Executive featuring Global orientation with over 16 years of professional experience
Provides outsourced services to CIS enterprises by managing the involved parties – subcontractors, governmental institutions and clients (Stairmaster, Reading Bakery, Ishida, Buhler AG, Wachtel Gmbh, Cepi, Clextral etc.). Ala is an often participant in major international exhibitions.